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The Different Types Of Editing Roles

With more and more independent writers publishing their work in electronic form, the old traditional publishing roles have become somewhat blurred. Proofreading is one of those roles that now seems to cover all sorts of disciplines from simple spell-checking to full-blown editing.

Many independent authors are wary of employing an editor for fear of losing ownership of their book. In reality, the opposite is true. Working with a good editor will ensure that your “voice” stands out clearly while making sure that your story flows to the best of its ability.

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Screenplay Formatting Checklist
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Screenplay Formatting Guide and Checklist

So, you’re writing your screenplay, and it’s a great story with lots of action and suspense. But stop for a minute. Your screenplay isn’t just about a great story; it’s also a tool for everyone involved in making it into a film. And if your formatting isn’t right, then no matter how good your story is, your script isn’t going to make it past the front door.

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Advice and Guidance

Even if I can’t help you with editing or proofreading, there are many articles on my site that I hope can help. My Blog section contains advice and guidance and is a growing resource to help new authors and screenwriters with many of the most common questions asked when starting to write.

Most of the tips are to do with grammar, but there will be the odd one for writing in general. These tips are to help you produce the best first draft you can and to avoid some of the pitfalls new writers often fall into.

At the bottom of all my posts is an option to Print, email, or convert to a PDF so you can keep the article for future reference.

One thing to note while reading my blog is that it is written using British spelling and grammar. Although, sometimes, I write using American spelling and grammar just for a bit of variation.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to guest blog, then I’m more than happy to chat.