Some of my regular, long-term clients and what they have to say.


Phil is precise, thorough, finds mistakes and clumsy sentences I’ve missed, and always hits his deadlines. What more could anyone ask?

IAN W. SAINSBURY – Independent Author
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Phil has been our go-to proofreader since he started working with us in 2016. He is an extremely talented proofreader who goes above and beyond on every job. His turnaround times are second to none, which helps our company immensely. He is always professional and a real pleasure to work with. We can’t recommend him highly enough!
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Phil did a splendid job editing my business book “How to Build the Perfect Smartphone Tour (Without Geeking Out): A Guide for Executives, Tour Operators, or any Non-Technical Professional in the Tourism Industry.” He possesses the perfect blend of sharp eye and casual wit that I wanted, and he was super easy to work with. He is now my “go-to” guy for editing and proofreading!

Agile Product Owner | Podcast and Video Blog Host | Project Manager


We’ve been working with Phil since mid-2016. His industry experience, technical background, and excellent adaptability to our business make him an indispensable member of our marketing team.

His final touch to our public-facing content is critical to our operation, and we appreciate his extreme attention to detail and availability for our urgent projects. His work ethics and professionalism is something any team would seek and wish to have. We highly recommend him to any marketing groups who are trying to find a quality content specialist.

MEHMET ATESOGLU – Digital Marketing Manager
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He corrected my movie script concerning spelling, punctuation, grammar and the English language. I’m not a native speaker (English) but I translated my script by myself. Because I know that I have problems to take the fitting words for the situations and concerning the dialogues of the characters, I was looking for a person who can help me here.

 To be honest, he did really a brilliant job – in different things.

It was important to me that he didn’t change my meanings of the sentences or the dialogues. During our close work, I could experience that he hadn’t any intention for that.

It was very important for him to understand what I meant so he asked for the senses in the comments. In this kind, he gave me the opportunity to explain or describe it and he could change my text in a good and understandable English for the English-speaking market.

We arranged that he send me the first 10 corrected pages by him at the beginning. So I could see whether we have an understanding for each other and I can work with his job. I had a good feeling afterwards and we continued. Our work was very close and often I had fun. We organized our collaboration via emails and it was fantastic and reliable.

 Finally, I had the feeling that he was very interested to make a good job. He really wanted to help me. I definitely want to say, that I’m going to work with him again with my next projects.

JENNIFER HUFNAGEL – Independent Author 


I’ve been working with Phil on various book projects for my clients for the last 2 years. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with a professional like him. Apart from being a great editor & proofreader, Phil also has great work ethics. He delivers projects on time, every time. Other than helping us with his primary role as an editor, Phil has also contributed a lot by suggesting better systems and processes to improve our overall editing services. I highly recommend Phil’s work to every author who wants a clean & polished manuscript!

JYOTSNA RAMACHANDRAN – Founder, Happy Self Publishing
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