Ever since I wrote and self-published a book way back in 2008, I have been helping authors, screenwriters, and businesses turn their writing into a polished manuscript ready for publication.

Despite spending over 30 years in working in the IT industry, I have always maintained a passion for the written word. In April 2015, I emigrated from the UK to Italy, and I was able to take that passion and turn it into my job.

I now devote my time to providing proofreading and editing services at reasonable rates. Due to the low cost of living and having low business overheads, I am able to offer a service that is professional yet affordable. If you’re looking for any sort of publishing advice, then please drop me a line. I have helped some authors through the whole publishing arc from rough drafts to seeing their book available on Amazon.

I enjoy helping people in general, but the written word always gets me excited. Helping budding authors and screenwriters gives me a buzz, which is why I include Advice and Guidance on my Blog. I always welcome interaction with others in the publishing world, so please feel free to drop me a line.

If you’d like to write a guest blog, then I’m sure my readers would be glad to hear a different voice.