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I am now accepting review requests. If you have a book that has recently been published or, just about to be published then please read through the guidelines below and submit a request. It has been a long time since I published any reviews for independent authors, but I now find that I have the time needed to give a review the attention it deserves.

Having gone through the process of writing my masterpiece and getting it published, I truly understand the blood, sweat, and tears all authors go through on the way to seeing their pride and joy completed. And, as Indie authors our job is so much more difficult without the resources of a publishing house behind us.

One of the most difficult things for any author, but especially a self-published one is to get the word out about their book. Setting up a website is only the start, next comes trying to get as much exposure as possible. As part of the process to get myself published I had my book reviewed by many people. Friends, family, but most importantly by other book reviewers that I stumbled across on the World Wide Web.

It is with this in mind that I set up this blog site. I will review any book that is sent to me, and put the review up on the site with an all important link back to the author’s own website.

Having had some bad experiences with my own book, I wouldn’t put a review up for a book that I just didn’t like. I think reading is a very personal thing, and all books simply don’t appeal to all readers. Please read the Review Guidelines, and use the submission form, if you would like me to review your book.

If you have any questions, then feel free to either send me an email.

I am happy to review most book from independent publishers or small publishing houses. I will only review an electronic version of your book. The following is a set of questions and answers:

1. What kind of books will you review?
I am happy to review most books (fiction or non-fiction), but I’m not overly interested in:

  • gay/porn
  • poetry
  • romantic fiction
  • chick lit

2. What is your favourite  genre?
I have read sci-fi since I could first read. I really enjoy the older style such as Asimov, or Heinlein, but have moved on a bit with the times these days. I’m currently reading the final book of the Saga of the Seven Suns by Kevin J Anderson. One of my favourites is the Dune series, I have read all of these several times over, and that includes all the ones written by his son.

I also enjoy dog stories, like you hadn’t guessed. Any biography’s I normally find interesting, well apart from the modern so called celebs.

3. Will you review  books from self-published authors?
Absolutely, that’s what this section of my site is all about. I will not be putting any reviews from the latest best sellers on here, they get enough publicity as it is.

4. Will you accept PDF, or ebooks for review?
Yes, most definitely, Although I do prefer the feel of paper.

5. Can an author guest blog for you?
Yes, if that author’s work has been previously or recently accepted for review. My readers love to hear what authors have to say about the books they write.

6. How long does it take for a review to be posted?
I normally get through a book in a week, unless it’s especially long saga. I would say that it should take at most 2 weeks.

7. Do you cross-post reviews to Amazon or other sites?
For promotional purposes, I may post reviews of the same book at different sites. If you wish for me to post anywhere specific, then please add that to your requirements before I do the review.

8. Will my review be a good one?
I cannot promise to give a positive review, but if I don’t like the book or just don’t get it, then I will give you the option of having the review published.

9. Do you proof-read as part of the review?
No, although I may point out severe grammar errors. I don’t have time to both review and proof-read books. I may offer advice as a separate service at a later date.

10. What are your requirements for submitting a book for review?
There should be the following information:

  • Synopsis
  • Brief
  • No. of pages
  • Price
  • Publisher
  • Genre
  • ISBN
  • Link to author’s website
  • Publication date
  • Author biog
  • jpeg of the front cover

11. What do you get out of doing this?
For one, I get to read new books from new authors, and I really enjoy reading.

I do ask that when I have finished a review that the author places a link on their web pages to it.

If you really like my review, and would really like to do something, then if you buy my book I won’t be upset 🙂 . Offering to buy my book will not get you a good review 🙂

12. How do I submit my book for review?
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