The Guardian – by Matt Walker


The Guardian

The Guardian

Author: Matt Walker

Genre: Fiction/Fantasy/Young Adult/Spiritual

The Guardian is an adventure story of self-belief and faith. A war has broken out between the spirit world and the void of Antifaith, and success or failure – the very future of the soul – is balanced precariously on a knife edge. Its message is one of the love and strength of humanity and the human spirit.

No. of Pages: 246

Price: £6.99 / Download £2.00


Publisher: Lulu

Author’s Website: Matt Walker

When twelve-year-old Ella Barrotti wakes up one Sunday morning, it appears to be just another ordinary day. Her father, Frank, (Head Scientist of Barrotti Enterprises) is still being extremely secretive about his work – he’s been acting strange for a while now. And her mother, Tanya – is still dead. Ella has no reason to suspect that this day will change her life – and possibly the history of the world – forever.

And then she meets a nymph. It isn’t the sort of thing you see every day, and Ella is quite horrified. So is the nymph, to tell the truth. He says that the spirit world exists on a parallel with this reality, but it’s been invisible for all time – until today! And it means something.

Ella learns from The Green Man, the Spiritual King of the Earth that there is another world, a world of Darkness. It’s called the Realm of Antifaith. What Was Written, the great Book, prophesized that these two worlds would collide, and apparently the time is now imminent. This collision will signal the start of a war between the spirit and the Darkness – a portal will be opened, and the war shall be fought on Earth. The Demons of Antifaith will come after Ella – she is the key. Dygod, their King, wants to exhume her, and then the Darkness will triumph, and the spirit will never be free. Antifaith is firm – already the Guardian Gabriel has left the spirit to join them. Ella is rather concerned. But she is given a Guardian Angel, Atman, to protect her. But many think he’s useless.

Meanwhile, two scientists from Barrotti Enterprises are murdered, and Tom Barter (a family friend of Ella’s) finds himself dragged into a conundrum of riddles and symbols. He is kidnapped by Pierre Menteur at gunpoint and is taken to meet the Frenchman’s employer. Tom thinks he’s going to be murdered too, what with all the strange things going on – extraterrestrial sightings, people, were saying. But Pierre’s employer turns out to be Tanya Barrotti, Ella’s mother. The Child’s in danger – her father is doing terrible things in his laboratory. Ella needs rescuing. Tom is given the thankless task.

This is an excellently crafted book by Matt, and despite not being overly fond of Young Adult fiction, I really enjoyed it. This story has to be one that covers the most wide-ranging of subjects I’ve read in one book. There’s a bit of fantasy, religion, thriller, adventure, and humour in the story. One thing it will make you do, as an adult reader, is think.

The thriller element has plenty of twists & turns to keep you turning the pages, and there is plenty of emotional content that will tear at your heart, but then make you laugh.

Most people would love to know they had a guardian angel, what if they discovered they did have one. But then, found out he wasn’t a very good one. How would you feel? How would you deal with it if you discovered that your very life depended on the dubious skills of this angel? This is one of the conundrums that Ella has to deal with.

The way the chapters are interwoven keeps you turning the pages with a need to know what happens next. Matt utilises this excellent technique to keep the reader enthralled.

Matt manages to keep you guessing as to where the story is heading. He leads you down a path, and then, just when you think you know what’s going on, he turns a corner, and you start wondering again. As the story unfolds, you begin to glean how big an influence that Ella is to have on the people around her, and also the world’s future.

What I Most Liked:
A thought provoking story that managed to keep my attention right through to the end. I enjoyed the way Matt dealt with some of the subjects from a humorous angle. I think my favourite anti-hero was Frank, with his schizophrenic switches in personality that were excellently portrayed by Matt.

What I least Liked
Some of the mood swings by the main character, Ella, I found a little confusing. She seemed to be scared one minute, then making fun the next. But then, I’m not a twelve-year-old girl, and I have no idea whether this is typical.

A fast paced, emotive book. One that should appeal to a broad range of audiences, teenagers, and adults alike. There’s something for everyone in this story, and subjects that you thought you didn’t like, Matt seems to make you think about them in a different way.

Author’s Information:
Matt is a young writer and author of three novels, two of which can be found on In the past, he has had poems, articles and readers’ letters published in magazines, and now hopes to find an agent for his latest novel, Tears. He is a semi-professional magician and pianist and loves reading all genres of fiction and non-fiction.

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