The Nine Lives of Clemenza – by Holly Christine


The Nine Lives of Clemenza

The Nine Lives of Clemenza

Author: Holly Christine

Genre: Fiction / Spiritual

If you were able to choose what form of life you would live, what would you be? The Nine Lives of Clemenza explores the realms of spirituality and reincarnation. It introduces the possibility that as complex souls, we choose our lives, thus giving us the ultimate capability of free will. Clemenza starts out as a new soul in heaven, contemplating what form of life she will take to begin her journey. God grants each new soul nine lives, provided they bring back a moral lesson learned. Clemenza is diverse in her choices, exploring every facet of existence from the air to the northern lights to a human being. Roles are reversed, and souls intertwine during Clemenza’s many lives, as she learns the meaning and importance of pain, grief, loss, love and passion.

No. of Pages: 176

Price: £9.25 / £1.42 eBook

ISBN: 978-0-557-05620-0

Publisher: Lulu

Author’s Website: Holly Christine

This is probably the hardest book I’ve read so far to review; it is certainly the most unusual. Holly categorises her book as spiritual fiction, but I think she is underselling her market. I believe that this has a much wider appeal than that, I would certainly add it to the philosophical genre. While I enjoy stories with a spiritualist slant (The Left Behind Series), I don’t like it rammed down my throat. Holly has a very light touch when it comes to religion, and I enjoyed the scenes with God that were told with almost a touch of irreverent comedy.

Each chapter is a story in its own right, but each has the common thread of Clemenza’s enlightenment running through them. I use that word in its lightest sense, as while Clemenza’s story is one of enlightenment, it is full of actions and consequences that could be applicable in most people’s lives.

I am not sure that Holly would agree, and I’m positive that most deeply religious people would be aghast, but I found quite a few similarities between this story, and Robert Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land. This is not a sci-fi book, and it’s certainly not as questioning about religion, but the theme somehow reminded me of that.

As someone educated by Jesuits, I have an automatic aversion to anything, or anyone, pushing religion. As with most of us who were educated by these soldiers of Christ, I now have my own beliefs that bear little in common with their teachings.

What I Most Liked:
I loved the way that this book made me think. I don’t think I’ve read a book for quite some time, that caused me to pause for thought after each chapter.

What I least Liked
I must admit, there wasn’t much to dislike about this story. I don’t think it’s for everyone, but saying that, it should appeal to most people.

Will the general public buy this book? I don’t know. But if they don’t, then they are missing a great little story that is very well told. I would be more than happy to buy a book from Holly, and I look forward to her writing another.

Author’s Information:
Holly Christine is a writer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She studied English and Philosophy in college and currently works in the financial industry. The Nine Lives of Clemenza is her second novel, and Holly is currently working on her third. She lives with her husband, and loving dog Clemenza. You can keep up to date with what she is up to at her website.


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    • It was a pleasure, an unusual, thought provoking book. One you don’t come across very often.

      Good luck in your writing