scam site

Date Testing Started: 31/08/2015

Earned in one day: 0.3984

Earning Methods: PTC

Validated Payment: YES – But now SCAM site

This is one of my regular sites, I’ve been a member for just over a week, and I’ve invested a few Dollars in getting Direct Referrals for this one. With a single investment of just $3.00 (for an ad in another site) and $10.00 to upgrade to a Premium Membership for 30 days, I have currently got 35 Direct Referrals, which with my own earning are on target to bring in $90.00 for the time my membership lasts.

I have successfully Withdrawn $2.00Β and am just waiting on another Withdrawal of $11.38, so (if this gets paid) I will have already made back my investment, plus a couple of Dollars πŸ™‚


Payment received πŸ™‚ This looks like it may be worth investing my next few days of earnings.

Now waiting on another payment of $33, it should be paid today sometime. They have started moderating the Forum, which is a worrying sign, but fingers crossed.


Well, sadly this looks like another scam πŸ™ They failed to process my withdrawal, respond to support tickets. They then deleted my post in the Forum asking when I’ll get paid, and stopped me posting anymore. I have raised a dispute on PayPal for the last payment. I got a response from Excellent asking me to drop it, then they would process my payment – I don’t think so. Today my account has been suspended, what a surprise. So I told them I’d be raising a dispute for every payment made to them, and then escalated the dispute. Curious to see what happens next.


Well, my first dispute was successful, and I’ve had a $20 payment refunded, now onto dispute number 2 πŸ™‚

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