verified logoDate Joined: 12/09/2015
Earning Methods: PTC/AdGrid/Tasks
Forced View: No
Validated Payment: YES
Invested: $140.00
Bonuses: $95.00
Earned To Date:$278.29

This is a brand new site that I’ve joined. I found this one on the eMoneySpace forum (an excellent resource for finding new/good/scam PTC sites). I after reading the admin’s postings, I decided to go for broke on this one and invested $55 on day one.

I sent the admin a support request, and he responded within minutes. Comfortingly, he uses his real name in his emails, which makes a nice change from the usual non-personal Admin ones. Also, doing a WhoIs lookup on the site returns a real name, with personal email addresses, along with a PO Box and phone number. This is one of the most biggest pluses in deciding whether to join a site or not.

Presently he’s giving away a free upgrade, so you can earn $0.632 a day without investing anything. If you do add funds, there’s generally a good bonus running – I got a $10 bonus for upgrading to a Green level (Cost $29.97 for 12 months) which went straight into my Balance, not the Purchase Balance. Rentals are fairly highly priced at $0.80, but they last forever, so really they are the equivalent of buying direct ones.

I’m giving this one 4 stars, I’d give it five stars, but I need to monitor it for a few months yet.

UPDATE: – 15/09/2015
Well, this site is now verified, just received my first payment 🙂 I’ve got a good feeling about this one, fast payment too within a couple of hours of request.

UPDATE: – 19/09/2015
The Admin has changed the membership subscription set up, and you can now get all memberships on a monthly basis. I chatted with him via email and he agreed to swap my 4th tier annual membership to an 8th level one for a month. I now get $0.04 per click, and I get $0.03 from my referrals 🙂 I’ve also invested in another 78 Rented Referrals, now totalling 123.

UPDATE: 29th September 2015
It’s been a while since I updated this one. I have now received my 4th payment, this one is definitely a keeper.
Other changes are:

  • moved the rating to 5 star
  • Rented Referrals are now for 60 days and cost $1.00

UPDATE: 13th October 2015

A fair few changes have been happening to the site over the last few weeks:

  • Rented Referrals cost now varies depending on your membership level
  • I have now successfully withdrawn almost $200
  • The admin has opened several additional sites and is planning a super site for the New Year

The amount of changes this site goes through actually gives me more confidence that it’s here to stay. If it was a scam of any sort, then the admin wouldn’t bother tweaking the site.

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