New Euro Bux

<blockquote><a href=””><img class=”size-thumbnail wp-image-6 alignright” src=”×150.jpg” alt=”scam site” width=”150″ height=”150″ /></a>Date Joined: 04/09/2015
Earning Methods: PTC/Micro Jobs/Read Mails/Bonus
Forced View: No
Verified: NO
Earned to Date:$2.31

I’ve been a member of this one for a few weeks now. It seems stable enough, and the forum is slow but regular.  If you click all the ads and complete the ClixGrid you get a bonus of $0.05 every day into your Purchase Balance. This is a nice way of building up a few Dollars to invest into free Rented Referrals.

Currently, I have 1 Direct Referral and I rented 3 out of my earnings yesterday (18/09/2015).  The Rented Referrals cost the usual $0.30 each, and only one of them has clicked so far, but it is the weekend. That referral has completed 10 clicks, so I’ve earned 0.008 from them in a day. If they carry on at that rate, then I’ll earn $0.24 from them in the 30 days. A loss of $0.06 🙁 But, it’s still early days, and it’s the weekend, so one of the others might start clicking on Monday.

I’m earning around $0.20 a day as a Standard member, and as they don’t force you to view the ads I can be doing this one along with a few others. I find I can do about five sites at the same time, rotating between them, and it takes me around 30 minutes. It’s not exciting, but I tend to do it while I’m waking up with my coffee in the morning 🙂

I will report back once I’ve made a withdrawal.

UPDATE: – 17/09/2015
I re-invested my daily bonus money in 3 Rented Referrals, so I’ll be able to track how they perform.

UPDATE: 4th October 2015

This site is now longer available, looks like another scam stole the money 🙁


Date Joined: 19/09/2015
Earning Methods: PTC
Forced View: No
Validated Payment: NO
Earned To Date:$1.221

A new kid on the block. It’s currently in Beta mode until the 21st September, and until then they’re giving away a free months membership for Ultimate (Top Level). This means that without spending any money what so ever you can earn $0.226 a day. Rented Referrals are about average at $0.30 each for a 30 day period. They have an interesting view on Withdrawals, I get a message saying I need to have made 100 clicks before I can withdraw. Hopefully, I can do that before they close down 🙂

I must admit, I’m a little suspicious of this one as it’s the exact same promotion as ClixPal which shut down last week. But I shall keep an eye on it and report back when I’ve made my 100 clicks

UPDATE – 29th September 2015

It seems that they have changed the withdrawal, now it is set at $4.00 minimum

PTC Bank

scam siteI came across this site when I was first starting out in the PTC world. Obviously it was the extremely high click value that attracted me. Well I’m afraid the old saying If it looks too good to be true, then it probably certainly apt in this case. I wasted 4 days clicking the ads on this site before I learned enough to be suspicious. I did a web search on it and found hundreds of posts complaining about them. Basically they will close your account as soon as you try to cash-out.


verified logoDate Joined: 29/08/2015
Earning Methods: PTC / ClixGrid / Surveys / Tasks / Bonuses
Forced View: Yes
Verified: NO
Earned toDate: $12.97

ClixSense is one of the oldest PTC sites on the Web today. It’s also one with the most diverse ways of earning cash. By completing everything in a section, you can earn bonuses. For example, by clicking on all the ads of a certain value, you get an extra 0.05% on top of the ad value.

It’s difficult to estimate how much you can earn each day, as they release ads slowly over 24 hours, I generally click the ads when I’m bored at my PC. After a week of using this site I’m getting around $0.50 a day, which equates to £15.20 a month; not too bad 🙂 If I could do more surveys then I reckon I could at least double that.

One word of caution; unless you’re going to get a lot of referrals, then don’t bother upgrading your account, it doesn’t pay enough. To give them their due, ClixSense tell you this on their upgrade page, so big kudos to them for that.

The surveys available are dependent on which country you’re from, Sadly Italy doesn’t have too many. But, if you’re from the UK, USA, or Germany, then you’ll get quite a few. They pay between 0.75 to 0.85 each and last up to 30 minutes.

During the day more ads and surveys are released, so you can add a bit more cash if you sit in front of your computer all day. One unique thing is their Chrome plugin, which will notify you if any new offerings are available. It’s pretty good, not resource hungry, and saves you having to refresh their web page every few minutes.

Despite having to actually view the ads, I’m giving this one a RECOMMENDED, as you can earn a respectable amount in a month, and it’s been paying for years.


scam site

Date Testing Started: 31/08/2015

Earned in one day: 0.3984

Earning Methods: PTC

Validated Payment: YES – But now SCAM site

This is one of my regular sites, I’ve been a member for just over a week, and I’ve invested a few Dollars in getting Direct Referrals for this one. With a single investment of just $3.00 (for an ad in another site) and $10.00 to upgrade to a Premium Membership for 30 days, I have currently got 35 Direct Referrals, which with my own earning are on target to bring in $90.00 for the time my membership lasts.

I have successfully Withdrawn $2.00 and am just waiting on another Withdrawal of $11.38, so (if this gets paid) I will have already made back my investment, plus a couple of Dollars 🙂


Payment received 🙂 This looks like it may be worth investing my next few days of earnings.

Now waiting on another payment of $33, it should be paid today sometime. They have started moderating the Forum, which is a worrying sign, but fingers crossed.


Well, sadly this looks like another scam 🙁 They failed to process my withdrawal, respond to support tickets. They then deleted my post in the Forum asking when I’ll get paid, and stopped me posting anymore. I have raised a dispute on PayPal for the last payment. I got a response from Excellent asking me to drop it, then they would process my payment – I don’t think so. Today my account has been suspended, what a surprise. So I told them I’d be raising a dispute for every payment made to them, and then escalated the dispute. Curious to see what happens next.


Well, my first dispute was successful, and I’ve had a $20 payment refunded, now onto dispute number 2 🙂

Sunny Clix

scam site

This was another site that I joined before I knew what to look for. I even invested some cash in it as it looked a pretty good return. Not only do they not pay you out, they don’t even credit you for the Paid to Join sites 🙁

All is not completely lost though. I currently earn around $5.00 a day on this site, and they allow you to transfer your Balance to your Purchase Balance. So every week I transfer over all my “earnings” and create Pay to Click ads for my legitimate sites. If nothing else, it’s a cheap way of getting some more Direct Referrals 🙂

How to Actually Earn Money on a PTC Site

So this is the question everyone is asking. The answer isn’t simple, and can take a couple of hours every day. And, unless you’re going to spend some cash investing, you’re not going to make a million bucks 🙂

However, you can make around $75 to $150 a month, if you’re prepared to put the work in.

The first thing to do is find about 5 sites that pay around $0.50 a day for clicks, or 10 sites that pay $0.25 a day. Do find sites that don’t force you to view the ads, that way you can click one, move to the next and by the time you go back to the first one you can click on the Captcha and start again. It takes a bit of time and effort to set it up, but then the cash will start coming in. Then follow these simple steps:

  • Days 1 to 6: Click all the ads you can – Cash earned: $3.00 from each site
  • Day 7: Withdraw cash – This is to check whether they are still paying
  • Days 7 to 14: Click all the ads you can – Cash earned: $3.00 from each site
  • Day 14: Invest the $3.00 into a “PTC advert” with your referral link in it. – This will start getting you Direct Referrals
  • Days 14 to 21: Click all the ads you can – Cash earned: $3.00 from each site
  • Day 21: Withdraw cash – This is to check whether they are still paying
  • Days 21 to 28: Click all the ads you can – Cash earned: $3.00 from each site
  • Day 28: Withdraw cash – This is to check whether they are still paying

You should now have banked at least $60.00. Plus, you should have started to get some cash of any Direct Referrals that have clicked on your PTC ad. The average payment for a Direct Referral click is $0.001. I generally get around 10 Referrals for every $3.00 invested, so that’s return of about $0.05 a day from the 5 sites for every ad they click, an extra $1.50 a month. If they click on average 10 ads each, then that a return of $15.00 a month, you have now made back your investment 🙂 You now have a choice on whether to keep on investing in Direct Referrals every month, or just bank the cash. If you did invest for 6 months, and the site continued to pay, then at the end of it you’d be earning $90.00 a month from your referrals without having to put any effort in yourself 🙂

These are very general figures, I once got 31 referrals from a $3.00 ad, that now brings me in around $10.00 a month, every month for doing nothing 🙂 Some sites also offer bonuses on every referral you get, so if they upgrade or buy ads, then you get a percentage.

Be wary of any sites that offer what seems to be very good returns, these are generally scam sites and you won’t be able to get your cash out 🙁 If you do end up with one of these, or your current site suddenly stops paying, then you can carry on clicking and just transfer the cash to purchase more ads, so it’s not all bad news 🙂 I invested a few Dollars in SunnyClix when I was just starting out and was a bit too gullible. Now I earn around $10.00 a day from it that I just invest into ads.

How to Find a Legitimate PTC site

This is a problem, with so many sites available and more being created every day, how do you choose which ones to join. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to maximise the chance that you’re joining a legitimate site, and will get paid. Below is a list of things you can try; nothing will guarantee the site is genuine, but the more things you can check off from below, the better the chance.

There is also a great forum where many people discuss all things Pay To Click called eMoneySpace. Make sure you check out if they have the site you’re interested in isn’t on their Scam list. The forum is an excellent resource for finding out where NOT to invest your time and money. It’s a bit more difficult to identify which ones a good one though.

Who Owns The Site
Try doing a Whois Domain search. A reputable site will list the actual owner details, with an address and telephone number.

Check out the Forum
A site that is no longer paying will often close its forum, or the posts will be months old. Make sure that if there are recent posts that they are from users and not just the Admin or Moderator

Payment Proofs
Most PTC sites will have a page, either on the main site or the Forum, that will list Payment Proofs from members who have received money. Check that it’s not just a list of names and dates, but screenshots from the payment provider.

Payment Providers
Check which payment providers the site has. Personally, I won’t join a site unless they have PayPal. I find that PayPal are fairly stringent about verifying their business users.

Pay To Click Sites I have Registered At

Welcome to PTC Unsanitised. On this Blog, I give an unbiased review of Pay to Click Sites. I have signed up to literally hundreds of these sites in search of ones that I can actually make some money from. There are dozens of new sites popping up every day, and the majority of them are just scams that operate for a few weeks, then disappear with your earnings.

I will attempt to do a review for every site I have registered with, and some I have even invested a few Dollars just to see how they work. This site is very much a “work in progress”, as there are a lot of reviews that I need to write up, with more every day. This site won’t be updated every day, or sometimes for a week at a time, this is because I like to do an in-depth investigation of each site before I review them. That ensures that you can trust every review that I publish as fully researched.

No, I do not work for any PTC Site, nor am I connected to them in any way, apart from using them of course 🙂 The links on the site may contain my referral name. All this does is add you to my Direct Referrals for that site, it doesn’t effect you in any way, but I do get a very small amount every time you click an ad. It also helps me to understand how the Direct Referrals work for that site. I generally try to stay with a site until I reach their payout threshold so I validate whether they are legitimate or not. So in a way, you are helping to sort out the scammers from the genuine sites.

Below is a list of PTC site that I am aware of, if I have made a successful withdrawal, then I have classed it as verified. For full details of the site click on the name (or you can check out the Pay To Click Site Posts to browse the reviews). At the time of writing, the only site I completely trust is ClixSense, I just wish I could do more surveys.

NOTE: Some of the links are still going to my old Blog site

PTC Site Name Verified Forced View Reviewed Withdrawn Recommended
NGPTCBux YES No Yes $002.00 Full_Star1Full_Star1Full_Star1Full_Star1Full_Star1
ClixSense NO Yes Yes $003.21 Full_Star1Full_Star1Full_Star1Full_Star1Full_Star1
NewEuroBux NO Yes No $000.93 Scammer
ExcellentBux N/A N/A YES $00.00 Scammer
PTC Bank N/A N/A YES $00.00 Scammer
ClixPal N/A N/A YES $00.00 Scammer
Sunny Clix N/A N/A YES $00.00 Scammer
PowerBux N/A N/A NO $00.00 Scammer
Bux888/999 N/A N/A NO $00.00 Scammer
PowerBux N/A N/A NO $00.00 Scammer
TrustEuroBux N/A N/A NO $00.00 Scammer
KleenClix N/A N/A NO $00.00 Scammer
HQBux NO No No $000.40 Not Yet Evaluated
PayRichBux NO No No $000.40 Not Yet Evaluated
ProfitBux NO No No $000.39 Not Yet Evaluated
MountBux NO No No $000.53 Not Yet Evaluated
Ojooo NO Yes No $000.08 Not Yet Evaluated
Twickerz NO Yes No $000.02 Not Yet Evaluated
Clixten NO No No $000.39 Not Yet Evaluated


verified logoDate Joined: 12/09/2015
Earning Methods: PTC/AdGrid/Tasks
Forced View: No
Validated Payment: YES
Invested: $140.00
Bonuses: $95.00
Earned To Date:$278.29

This is a brand new site that I’ve joined. I found this one on the eMoneySpace forum (an excellent resource for finding new/good/scam PTC sites). I after reading the admin’s postings, I decided to go for broke on this one and invested $55 on day one.

I sent the admin a support request, and he responded within minutes. Comfortingly, he uses his real name in his emails, which makes a nice change from the usual non-personal Admin ones. Also, doing a WhoIs lookup on the site returns a real name, with personal email addresses, along with a PO Box and phone number. This is one of the most biggest pluses in deciding whether to join a site or not.

Presently he’s giving away a free upgrade, so you can earn $0.632 a day without investing anything. If you do add funds, there’s generally a good bonus running – I got a $10 bonus for upgrading to a Green level (Cost $29.97 for 12 months) which went straight into my Balance, not the Purchase Balance. Rentals are fairly highly priced at $0.80, but they last forever, so really they are the equivalent of buying direct ones.

I’m giving this one 4 stars, I’d give it five stars, but I need to monitor it for a few months yet.

UPDATE: – 15/09/2015
Well, this site is now verified, just received my first payment 🙂 I’ve got a good feeling about this one, fast payment too within a couple of hours of request.

UPDATE: – 19/09/2015
The Admin has changed the membership subscription set up, and you can now get all memberships on a monthly basis. I chatted with him via email and he agreed to swap my 4th tier annual membership to an 8th level one for a month. I now get $0.04 per click, and I get $0.03 from my referrals 🙂 I’ve also invested in another 78 Rented Referrals, now totalling 123.

UPDATE: 29th September 2015
It’s been a while since I updated this one. I have now received my 4th payment, this one is definitely a keeper.
Other changes are:

  • moved the rating to 5 star
  • Rented Referrals are now for 60 days and cost $1.00

UPDATE: 13th October 2015

A fair few changes have been happening to the site over the last few weeks:

  • Rented Referrals cost now varies depending on your membership level
  • I have now successfully withdrawn almost $200
  • The admin has opened several additional sites and is planning a super site for the New Year

The amount of changes this site goes through actually gives me more confidence that it’s here to stay. If it was a scam of any sort, then the admin wouldn’t bother tweaking the site.