Pay To Click Sites I have Registered At

Welcome to PTC Unsanitised. On this Blog, I give an unbiased review of Pay to Click Sites. I have signed up to literally hundreds of these sites in search of ones that I can actually make some money from. There are dozens of new sites popping up every day, and the majority of them are just scams that operate for a few months, then disappear with your earnings.

I will attempt to do a review for every site I have registered at, some I have even invested a few Dollars just to see how they work. This site is very much a “work in progress”, as there are a lot of reviews that I need to write up, with more every day.

No, I do not work for any PTC Site, nor am I connected to them in any way, apart from using them of course 🙂 The links on the site may contain my referral name. All this does is add you to my Direct Referrals for that site, it doesn’t effect you in any way, but I do get a very small amount every time you click an ad. It also helps me to understand how the Direct Referrals work for that site. I generally try to stay with a site until I reach their payout threshold so I validate whether they are legitimate or not. So in a way, you are helping to sort out the scammers from the genuine sites.

Below is a list of PTC site that I am aware of, if I have made a successful withdrawal, then I have classed it as verified. For full details of the site click on the name (or you can check out the Pay To Click Site Posts to browse the reviews). At the time of writing, the only site I completely trust is ClixSense, I just wish I could do more surveys.

NOTE: Some of the links are still going to my old Blog site

PTC Site Name Verified Forced View Reviewed Withdrawn Recommended
NGPTCBux YES No Yes $002.00 Full_Star1Full_Star1Full_Star1Full_Star1Full_Star1
ClixSense NO Yes Yes $003.21 Full_Star1Full_Star1Full_Star1Full_Star1Full_Star1
NewEuroBux NO No Yes $000.00 Full_Star1Full_Star1Full_Star1No_Star1No_Star1
Clix Pack NO No Yes $000.00 Full_Star1Full_Star1Full_Star1No_Star1No_Star1
ExcellentBux N/A N/A YES $00.00 Scammer
PTC Bank N/A N/A YES $00.00 Scammer
ClixPal N/A N/A YES $00.00 Scammer
Sunny Clix N/A N/A YES $00.00 Scammer
PowerBux N/A N/A NO $00.00 Scammer
Bux888/999 N/A N/A NO $00.00 Scammer
PowerBux N/A N/A NO $00.00 Scammer
TrustEuroBux N/A N/A NO $00.00 Scammer
KleenClix N/A N/A NO $00.00 Scammer
HQBux NO No No $000.40 Not Yet Evaluated
PayRichBux NO No No $000.40 Not Yet Evaluated
ProfitBux NO No No $000.39 Not Yet Evaluated
MountBux NO No No $000.53 Not Yet Evaluated
Ojooo NO Yes No $000.08 Not Yet Evaluated
Twickerz NO Yes No $000.02 Not Yet Evaluated
Clixten NO No No $000.39 Not Yet Evaluated