September 2015 Part 1

Well, it’s been a while since I did an update on what we’ve been up to. It’s been both very quiet, and very busy at the same time 🙂

Both Justine and I have been spending hours every day looking into work prospects. She’s had 2 interviews, one of which looks as though it has legs, although it is based in Siena which is a bit of a drag. The other was for a straight TEFL teaching job in Perugia, which isn’t really her bag.

We have both been putting in a few hours on the Property Management front, we have one client at the moment, but the season is coming to a close, and that work will dry up fairly soon.

We have also been looking into Remote Working opportunities. There are a few portals that we now have our profiles on. The rate of pay is fairly low for most of the work, but it’s money coming in at the end of the day. We are both trying to get our first job so we can start building up some feedback and history.

On the house front, things have been slowly moving forward. Andi (our builder) has now finished and is off on other jobs. So, we now have our new roof, new floor (although it’s just rough concrete), windows, and I’ve been working on a door for the front of the house.

We had a very successful trip out this morning (14th September 2015), we managed to find a 2nd hand wood burning stufa (stove) in Tavernelle for just 550 Euros. They are coming over tomorrow to look at installing it

The guys came to check out where to put the stufa chimney, they’ll be talking to Andi (our builder) to arrange that 🙂 The front doors on the project house are finally finished. It’s been blood sweat and tears building this, but I think it will be worth it. Think it’s probably my best creation to date 🙂

new door 2new door 1

Managed to get two Remote Working jobs this week. The first is doing Amazon book reviews for a publisher, the other is proof-reading foreign students business correspondence. I should make around $3.5k a year out of those. We’re slowly getting there, over half-way to our annual requirement now 🙂

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