Ristorante Pizzeria Il Tempo

Opening Hours: 09:00 to 23:00

Via Perugia, 27, 06068 Tavernelle di Panicale, Italy

mail iconE-mail  telephone icon+39 075 868 1196

Since my wife and I moved to Italy in April (2015), this is the 3rd pizza place we’ve tried, and it’s certainly up there near the top for quality tasty pizzas. We went with a new-found friend and wanted something that wasn’t particularly romantic, yet not too spartan either. I would class Il Tempo as a restaurant rather than a cafe, it certainly has a bit of class about it.

The restaurant is situated just outside Tavernelle (Perugia region) on the main road, but despite its location it feels fairly remote once you’re inside. There’s an option of both inside and outside dining, and as it was June and still warm at 7 pm, we opted to eat outside.

The range of dishes is small but with enough variety and changed regularly enough to give you plenty to choose from. There is a choice between pizza or pasta, and the food itself is locally sourced and excellent quality.

The outside area was about three-quarters full, about 30 people, so there was a nice buzz about the place. The service was pleasant and enjoyable, and typically Italian in that is was not rushed if you know what I mean. I think the only time I’ve ever seen Italians rush is when they’re driving.

With regards to cost, it sits in the reasonable range for me. We had 2 pizzas, one pasta, and 5 drinks which came to a total of 50 Euros for the three of us.

A big bonus for us is that the restaurant is dog-friendly, which means that we’ll probably be back there agin soon along with our two faithful hounds.

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