October 2015 – Part II

Well, it’s certainly been a varied couple of weeks. We have finally got ourselves a proper sign on the front of the house. It looks fantastic, but I’ve a feeling we’ll be known as the Owems from now on 🙂

New front door sign

Things are going really well on the work front. Justine has started to build up her profile on the Guru site while I’ve now completed six jobs and have another four ongoing. What’s pleased us most is that we actually earned enough this month to cover our outgoings 🙂 Of course, nothing is guaranteed in the Freelance market, but we now know it can be done working around 15 to 20 hours a week. That still leaves us with plenty of free time to enjoy our new lives in this beautiful country. What I do enjoy about this work is the variety. I’ve done some teaching, proofreading, creating CVs, creating websites, and, of course, writing articles. Every day there seems to be something new and different to do. We had a meeting in Sienna last week with a co-operative running language and translation services. They have very strong links with the universities in and around the area. We chatted about our idea of teaching students and company employees soft skills needed for working with English speaking companies. It seemed to go exceedingly well, so we’ll see what comes of it later this year.

We had a client drop-off to Rome airport this month from Casa Fontana. A very nice American couple from New York who come out every year. They were in the publishing game, so we had plenty to talk about on the 2-hour journey. To be honest, neither of us could face the thought of driving into Rome, so we decided to head to the coast. Another 20 minutes drive took us to Ostia where we had an early lunch of toasties and coffee looking out over the Mediterranean.

View of Ostia beach

View of Ostia beach

Justine at cafe in Ostia

On the subject of trips and enjoyment, we headed over to Perugia to take in the European Festival of Chocolate. We spent three hours wandering from stall to stall looking at the fantastic variety of chocolate from all around Europe. The festival is actually a trade event held every year, but it has turned into a tourist spectacular for Perugia as thousands of visitors flock there to get their chocolate fix.

Chocolate covered wafflesLovely chocolate covered waffles, one for me and one for Justine

Carving chocolateMassive blocks of chocolate around the town. The experts sculpt these into superb figures during the day

Chocolate shoes

So, that’s another month over. I can’t believe that next month marks a year since we bought the house, time seems to be flying by.

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