March 2015

March 2015

The time has finally arrived to move out and start our trip to Italy. We had packed most things leaving the movers to pack up the kitchen and our not inconsiderable pile of books. On the Sunday we packed up the car & hitched up the bike on its trailer so we would be all ready to go in the morning. Monday we woke early at 3am and after a couple of essential coffess we managed to be in the car by 4am. We made fairly good time down to Folkstown arriving 30 minutes before our train. There was a slight delay, but we were on our way by 7:50.

By 08:30 we had landed in France and were officially expats 🙂 We now had a 600 mile drive ahead of us aiming for Mullhaus at the bottom of France. We didn’t quite make it and by 18:00 we decided to stop in a small town called Colmine about 30 miles short of Mullhaus. F1 hotels are great! We got a room with breakfast pluss the two dogs and cat for just EU48 (£36). Apart from one chain type resteraunt there’s not much to eat around this area, so I’d recommend packing some sandwiches.

07:00 the next morning we were on our way on the 2nd leg, another 500 mile drive. We had decided to go through the Gottard tunnel, as it seemed the least windy road through Swtizerland. We were charged EU90 (EU45 for the car & another EU45 for the trailer) at the border, some sort of road tax, but the tunnel was free so it wasn’t too expensive. We finally arrived home at around 18:00 that night.

Tuesday 31st March

We woke up to the start of a glorious day in our new home. Throw open the windows & shutter and what a view out of our bedroom window.



We can see one of the nearby towns (Panicale) on a hilltop across the valley. First order of the day is to get the coffee on, then sit in the lounge trying to take in that we’re finally here


There are two dogs next door (actually there’s 4, but 2 of them live indoors), and they are very interested in Kopek and Malli. Totally out of character, our two don’t seem to be reacting to them at all. They seem interested, but there’s no barking or growling. I guess they’re still finding their feet here, and don’t yet realise this is their territory 🙂



I took the bike off the trailer and just had to give her a shakedown ride 🙂 Damn these roads are good for riding. The rest of the day we spent just chilling, and recovering from the journey here

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