June 2015

W/C Monday 1st June

A very quiet week to start. The weather has been steadily rising, and it’s been in the mid-30s all week. We’ve pretty much just lazed around. On Tuesday we made a start on converting the two single beds into loungers for the patio area, and then went out for a pizza with Alan (an American potter we met at the Books for Dogs event last week) We went to Il Tempo which is just on the other side of Tavernelle town. The pizzas were excellent, probably the best so far. But I am looking forward to more investigation on this 🙂

On Wednesday I dropped Jus off for coffee with the expat ladies at a small cafe just outside Castiglione. I walked the dogs and did a little exploring of the side roads to try and get to know the town.

Friday we went to visit a potential kennels for the guys when we go back to the UK in August. It looks a well run place, the dogs will have plenty of space to run around in, as well as plenty of shade. Although Jus did most of the talking, I was pleasantly surprised at how much Italian I was beginning to understand. But I would have been lost without Jus’s skill, she’s really starting to get good. After the kennels we went into Perugia to try and find some material for the patio couches. As we couldn’t find anything that didn’t cost the earth, we drove over to a massive hypermarket near Bastia called xxx. Now this place is just like a very big B&Q, I could spend days in there checking out all the tools 🙂 Anyway, we managed to not only get the material, but pick up the wood, fixings, and varnish.

We did a bit more work on the couches on Saturday. As the weather was still in the mid 30s we took it slow, but made pretty good progress:

making couches out of beds

Couches beginning to take shape

W/C 8th June

Another warm day on Monday, getting lots of these now, with some excellent thunderstorms in the evening. It’s good as it cools everywhere down enough to sleep comfortably.  Work also started on the project house today 🙂 Half the roof off. A bit more work on the garden sofas from Jus, and I sorted out the music to go outside. Tuesday Jus finished sewing the covers for the sofas, and I think they look brilliant:

Finished Couches

Finished Couches

We also, sorted out some lighting ready for the party on Saturday. We’re hoping we’ll get around 20 people, so fingers crossed the storms will be over. Day 2 of the building went well, the interior walls came down, and the place is starting to look bigger.

On Tuesday evening we went to meet Tara & Steve for dinner in Castiglione. A small cafe/restaurant tucked away off the road by the side of the lake. We met a couple of their friends who had joined us for a bite to eat. These were pretty good pizzas, better than the ones at Pelicano, but on a par with the ones at Il Tempo. There were some unusual choices, I went for a Mano and it came with Chips on the pizza itself 🙂 Steve & Tara went for something a little bigger 🙂

A Pizza for Two!!!

A Pizza for Two!!!

We’ve spent the rest of the week getting stuff ready for the party on Saturday; lots of cleaning and cooking. The build is coming along nicely, and by Friday night Andi had start to put things back 🙂

he party seemed to go fairly well on Saturday. We had the Italian neighbours round for a couple of hours, then our expat friends arrived along with our immediate neighbour. Sunday was spent relaxing and re-charging the batteries 🙂

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