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Proofreading Services

Despite being British, I am thoroughly conversant with UK/US/Canadian/Australian spelling and grammar conventions.

For proofreading work I complete the following checks:

* Plagiarism validation
* Spelling
* Grammar:
   * Tense usage
   * Singular/plural inconsistencies
   * Punctuation
   * Repetitive words
   * Correct capitalisation
   * Sentence structure - dangling modifiers etc.
   * Missing articles
* Word spacing is correct
* Sentence flow & vocabulary
* Title page is present
* The table of contents is correctly formatted
* Page breaks are in the correct format
* Copyright information is present
* Bullets are checked for standard usage
* Bolding/italics are verified
* Fonts are standard including sizes
* Blank pages are verified
* Any tabs usage is verified
* Garbage characters are removed
* Separated words are connected
* Words split between pages are connected

In addition to the above checks, I will also provide editing suggestions for improved vocabulary and readability.

Looking for Original Content?

If you are looking for something written, or maybe you've already written something, and you need it proofread, then we can offer these services at a competitive rate.

We are happy to agree on a per word, per hour, or fixed rate fee for articles.

Industry/Subject Specialized Knowledge

 Italy / Turkey / France / UK  IT - All aspects
 Insurance  Art & Humanities
 Genealogy  Healthcare
 Cats, Dogs, Rabbits  Publishing
 Property Maintenance  Gardening
 Travel - flights, hotels, camping, motor homes  Classic cars and motorbikes
 Education - TEFL, ESL  Business documentation


Specific Services Offered:

Exam Questions Creation - This will include sourcing of illustrations, guidance text, and answer keys

CV & Cover letter Review - Proofread and grammar check both cover letter and CV for errors. Can also provide sentence reconstruction if required

Original Article Content - Between my wife and I we have a wide range of subject knowledge. But are happy to research any subjects we are unfamiliar with.

Movie Script Critique - My wife is a professional script reader and can ensure your script is ready to be presented

Manuscript Proofreading and Grammar Checking


Testimonial 1

"I had a lot of fun working with you And safe for me to work with you in the future! Quality work and quick and very good service! highly recommend."

Testimonial 2

"Took on a large job with a tight deadline, and turned it around very quickly without compromising on quality. Thank you."


Testimonial 3

"Mr Owens is a very pro-active and easy to work with. He gave this task his personal touch and the turnaround was fantastic. I really like his style and all future proofreading projects are for his first refusal."